Surviving The Last Year of Highschool

My final year of highschool was undeniably the hardest: numerous sets of exams, simultaneous due dates and all-nighters were a few of the struggles I personally had to deal with. But to be quite honest, it was also one of the best years of my life thus far, I mean- you’re on top of the school, and get to experience many privileges and exciting social events!

I remember spending considerable amounts of time stressing over assignments and exams, but now that I look back I realise there are so many things I could have done differently to have helped myself out overall. Here are a few things I wish I had kept in mind during my last year of school.


#5: Use a diary or planner

This unfortunately is a tip that I failed to follow, and as a result found myself suffering at times. Your planner should keep you organised and on top of everything, so it is important to make ‘To do’ lists when you feel overwhelmed in accordance with your planner. List which assessments are due, and tick them off as you go so that you feel like you are accomplishing something. Your school probably does provide diaries however if you find that they are ugly or dislike something about them, I would suggest to head out and buy a nice one that you really like- this way you will stay motivated to plan and won’t use it to scribble on.

#4: Maintain a balanced lifestyle 

This is probably easier said than done, however it is important to keep in mind-maintaining good grades is one thing, but neglecting friendships and physical exercise is another. Your final year of school should be a memorable one, so aim to attend as many social and sporting events as possible. I have friends who now admit that they regret not having gone to certain social events because of “study.” Just remember that you’ll only be in year 12 once!

Furthermore, remember to consume vitamins and minerals! Being sick for an exam is probably one of the worst things to have to endure!!

 #3: Discover your personal way to study

Throughout year 12 you are going to have your parents,teachers and friends advise you on how to study, when to study and how long to study, but the truth is, each of us is different! Just because your friend may study for 2 solid hours, typing away every night, it doesn’t mean that the same method is going to work for you. I know I tried many different approaches- from highlighting to using sticky notes to typing to making flash cards…I found that I worked best by simply handwriting and re-writing my notes. Everyone is different, so don’t worry if your study techniques seem simple and unsophisticated.

#2: Don’t stress about what you are going to do in university or college

Your final year of highschool will be filled with much stress over assignments and exams, so why stress yourself out even more with thoughts on what you’re going to do after school is over? 

Most people have a general idea of what area they hope study in, however if you have absolutely no idea, that’s not such a big problem. You’ll have a long break once you have finished your final exams (probably the best and most well-deserved ones you’ll ever have), and it’s better for you to spend this time thinking about what you’d like to do, rather than adding additional stress on yourself during your exam period!

#1: Discover who your true friends are

I guess this isn’t a survival tip, but it is probably the biggest tip I’d give to anyone!

There are going to be people who value you. There are going to be people who take advantage of you. There are going to be friends that promise to stay in contact, but actually just neglect you once school is out. Just remember that friendship is a two way street, and that both parties need to put in an equal amount of effort! Don’t take anyone for granted or do to others what you wouldn’t like being done to you. Remember, everyone has been placed in your life for a reason!

Although you’ll be dying to get out of school, just remember that it has shaped who you’ve become. Take each day as it comes, and enjoy the experience- you honestly don’t understand how great school is until you have to leave it and enter the terrifying world of adulthood!


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