My Creative Escape

Art has always been a passion of mine- whether it be drawing, painting or sculpting, I can honestly say that there’s just something so therapeutic about throwing colours on a page or moulding clay into something beautiful. Adult colouring books, (don’t worry- they aren’t dodgy like the sound to be), are quite the trend nowadays, and this for me is very exciting. I am a proud owner of a colouring book- “The Enchanted Forest” by Johanna Basford, and I must say that one of my favourite times during the week, is when I can comfortably sit at my desk with a nice cup of rose tea, colouring pencils and colouring book on a Friday afternoon after a long week’s work at university.

We all face stressful situations, and if you’re anything like myself, really need to take your mind off of things before you can properly think straight. This is where my colouring book comes in. There’s just something so calming about trying to keep within the lines, whilst focusing on ‘what colour to use next’. It’s true- colouring combats stress! 

Let’s be honest- whenever you finish an artwork, you feel such a great sense of accomplishment; having spent countless hours working away to create something perfect. That’s probably the best part about colouring books- half the work is already done for you! All you have to do is personalise it and make it yours! 

And now that the warmer months are rapidly coming to a close and we inevitably start spending more and more time indoors, there’s no better time to purchase a colouring book than right about now.



4 thoughts on “My Creative Escape

  1. I have the Enchanted Forest, too, but I don’t think I’ll ever finish Lost Ocean so I can begin; maybe have two going on at once? I am indeed enchanted with these books and the peace that coloring in them beings.


      1. If you go on Penguin’s site, you’ll see that she is working on a new one for Christmas specifically about Christmas. Hmmm, we might have to put that one on our lists, too! 😉


  2. Buying colouring books a little like stepping back into childhood, although I don’t remember if I used childrens colouring books
    I think I was more into jigsaw puzels, only later on in life discovering a flair for drawing, be it copying (not by tracing though) from comic books

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