Winter Bliss

Most of the time, when someone makes mention of the Winter season, people groan and complain about it- as if it were the worst thing in the world. Sure there are things we all hate- like the drastic temperature drops or the fact that it gets dark early- but I personally have been quite excited for it. Me being an indoors person, I absolutely love the feeling of warmth and coziness. The winter outfits and excuse to sleep in. The delicious hot chocolates topped with dozens of mini marshmallows. Perhaps the thing I am most excited about, is continuing and exploring my new hobby- crocheting. I could probably write an entire essay on all the reasons why I adore Winter.

Those who know me even in the slightest, know I have a passion for creativity and an interest in DIY projects. I enjoy making things look pretty as well as having the satisfaction of creating things that are practical yet attractive. I had always been intrigued and interested in crocheting, however I could never be bothered with learning how to do it- as I thought it would be really hard. Lucky for me, crocheting is literally the easiest thing to do; not only does it relax and clear my mind- it also makes me feel accomplished. On my lazy days I often turn on the TV, make a nice cup of green rose tea and just crochet mindlessly. My friends always tease me about being an old granny but you know what; at least I’m being productive!

Another thing I love about Winter is the clothes you get to wear. Turtlenecks are a huge trend at the moment and I am absolutely stoked. I love layering items together, and the fact that you can hide “problem areas.” This is especially good for me because I honestly cannot go on diets. It is impossible.

Winter is just such an amazing time of the year. Who doesn’t love that feeling of snuggling in bed whilst listening to the sound of rain?  Who doesn’t love drinking hot chocolate? Who doesn’t love eating hearty comfort foods and overindulging on warm desserts? So who doesn’t love Winter?


2 thoughts on “Winter Bliss

  1. I love to crochet as well. I always like to being doing something, and would just be sitting there fiddling if I didn’t pick up my hook and yarn! Loving those flower squares by the way, such beautiful colours.

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